Plano de Atividades

The Instituto de Apoio à Criança (Child Care Institute) counts with the collaboration of public and private entities in the various, extremely useful activities it carries out, in the fields of healthcare, education, social security, and recreation.

The IAC is observant of the ongoing developments of society and intends to respond and dynamically adjust its action according to emergent needs; this action is characterized by a criteria of rigorousness and impartiality, whether at the Activity or at the Budget level.

The Plan of Activities for each year, reveals a deep concern with informing and raising society's awareness of the goals we wish to achieve in the promotion and defence of rights through the activities of the IAC.

The Plans can be found in this page, organised by year; they were produced with the intention of being accessible to read, and easily consulted.

They allow for a broad understanding of the general objectives that the various sectors of the Child Care Institute have in the context of the Defence and Protection of Children's Rights.

All of these sectors of activity contribute to the main goal of the IAC - "Contributing to the Child's Complete Development, in the Defence and Promotion of its Rights".

The General Objectives are structured as projects and activities that each sector undertakes in the course of each year.

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