Project: Escolas Alfaiate


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Area of Intervention

Education and Social

Target Group

Children going to middle school.


Promotion of psychological, social and pedagogical conditions necessary for the development of the child, for the benefit of an education adapted to each student and aimed at equity, equal opportunities and social inclusion, in schools of the 1st Cycle. It is intended to create “a school tailored to each and every one”, which makes it possible to identify and prevent difficulties and which allows all students to grow as human beings, feeling integrated and where they find answers to their diversity and idiosyncrasies. “A Escola Alfaiate” (“The Tailor’s School”) is a school that is not left behind, it is a school with a future”.

General Objectives

Specific Objectives


Observation and intervention in school context (classroom)

Scope (National or International)


Identification of External Partnerships

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Communication between intervening services and overlapping areas

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Implementation Period


Main Results