Cookie Policy

What are they?

Cookies are used to store information, such as your preferences when you visit our website. A cookie is a string of text information that a website transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer’s hard drive, allowing the site to remember who you are. Cookies help a site organize content to more quickly match your interests – most major sites use cookies. By themselves, cookies cannot be used to identify you.

However, this may in some way change the way you interact with our website, or other websites. These actions may affect or not allow you to log into software, sites on our and other networks.

What types are there?

  • Own cookies: a cookie managed by this domain / website;
  • Third-party cookies: a cookie managed by another domain / website;
  • Persistent cookies: the cookie information is stored permanently on your device;
  • Session cookies: cookie information is not stored permanently on your device.

What cookies are used by the Instituto de Apoio à Criança?

Instituto de Apoio à Criança uses session cookies and first-party cookies as well as persistent cookies and third-party cookies.

Types of cookies depending on the purpose of use:

  • Technical cookies:are those that allow you to navigate through a domain / website, using the different options or services such as, for example, identifying the session, accessing restricted access areas and carrying out the process of a purchase order;
  • Personalization cookies: are those that allow access to the domain / website with some characteristics predefined according to a set of decisions taken, such as the language used;
  • Analysis cookies: these are the ones that allow the monitoring and analysis of the behavior of users of websites to which they are linked. The information collected through such cookies is used, for example, to measure website activity and to build navigation profiles;
  • Advertising cookies: are those that allow the most efficient management of advertising spaces based on criteria such as the content edited or the frequency with which ads are displayed;
  • Behavioral advertising cookies: these are those that allow the most effective management of advertising spaces. These cookies store information about user behavior, obtained by continuously observing your browsing habits, allowing us to develop a specific profile to display ads based on this.

Instituto de Apoio à Criança uses Technical Cookies, Personalization Cookies and Analytics Cookies; it does not use Advertising Cookies or Behavioral Advertising Cookies.

The information regarding cookies is controlled and accessed by the website owner.

Cookie NamePurposeDurationDomainTipo
_gaCookie used by the Google Analytics software to distinguish unique users to collect basic data about himself and the website.2 Yearsiacrianca.ptAnalysis
_gatCookie used by Google Analytics software to limit the number of requests to a website; to limit data collection.10 Minutesiacrianca.ptPerformance
_gidNew spring 2017 cookie, used by the Google Analytics application to store a special value for each page visited within a website.24 Hoursiacrianca.ptAnalysis
uvcCookie used by the Add To Any service. It serves to count the times the service encounters the user on the same website.1 Monthaddtoany.comAnalysis

In addition to cookies, some of our web pages and HTML messages integrate “pixel tags” that allow us to track the steps of users on our sites and the recipients of our communications. These markers are used to collect non-personally identifiable data and other information that can be used to improve the services we offer to those who visit us.