Project: "Conscious Parent Academy – Replacement Parent Urgently Needed!"


For various reasons, some children cannot live with their parents and are cared for by adults other than their biological family. These children are sent to foster families, aiming at their integration in the family environment and the provision of adequate care to their needs and well-being, providing them with an affective relationship and the necessary education for their full development. The task and responsibility of caregivers is a large and complex issue, requiring legal, social, emotional and educational support.

Intervention Area

Social (within the scope of Family Reception)

Target Group

Professionals – specialists who support foster families, psychologists, social assistants, family assistants and therapists.

Carers – foster families and people who bring specific support.

General Objectives

Scope (National or International)

International (European)

External Partners

Communication between intervening services and overlapping areas

  • Knowledge and Training Area;
  • National and International Cooperation Area;
  • Marketing, Communication and Projects Area;
  • Projecto Rua; the Coimbra Nucleo (Rede Construir Juntos).

Implementation Period

October 2020 to June 2023 (3 years)

Main Results Expected

  • Webinars for Host Families (IO2)
  • Guide for professionals
  • Training for 27 specialists who support host families
  • 1 site with forum
  • Training for 27 host families
  • 2 Films promoting foster care (creating a positive image of this promotion and protection measure)
  • Promotional materials (flyers and posters) that promote welcoming
  • 3 Support Groups, 1 in each partner country
  • Direct participation of 27 specialists and 27 host families. However, in the long term, a minimum number of 300 foster families is expected to be reached.

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