Project: School Mediation


The Student and Family Support Office (GAAF) is a project promoted by the School/Social Mediation at the Instituto de Apoio à Criança, which, since 1998, has intervened in schools providing a support service, with the aim of helping students solve their problems, combat absenteeism and early school leavers, and establish intervention strategies to combat social exclusion of pupils and their families.

Intervention strategies focused on the student include personal follow-up, in groups and on the playground, student care, support and follow-up of groups/classes, psychological, social and pedagogical support, and referral to other entities.

Other accompaniments are aimed at the family, reinforcing its role as socializing agents for children and young people, and the communication of families with the school.

Area of Intervention

Main Education

Target Group

Students and families and other school community


Main Objective

Contribute to the harmonious development of adolescents and young people in their different dimensions: individual, family, school and social, promoting a more humanized environment and facilitating social integration. Provide a support service to students and their families, teaching and non-teaching staff and the entire school community, working in close coordination with the services and institutions of the surrounding community.

General / Specific Objectives

Promote psychological, social and pedagogical conditions that contribute to the consolidation of school and personal success of the child/youth.
To reduce risk situations.

Promote the interrelationship between the various actors Family/School/Community, as agents participating in the process of personal, social and educational development.

Scope (National or International)

National (IAC Coimbra Branch is responsible for the central and northern areas)

Identification of External Partnerships (2020-2021)

Communication between intervening services and overlapping areas

Humanization of Child Care Services

Implementation Period

A school year

Main Results

N / A

School Mediation Project