The Projecto Rua Fact Sheet

The Projecto Rua Fact Sheet aims to share and transmit intervention methodologies to National and International partners, and to inform society in general. Quarterly and, sometimes, some of its numbers referring to longer periods, this document bears witness to the activities in progress, the specificities of the target group, reflects on highlighted themes and, mainly, highlights, over time, the affections, the emotions and the life paths taken by both the target group and the intervention team.

Last edited in December 2019.

The Instituto de Apoio à Criança (IAC) was founded in 1983 with the fundamental objective of the integral development of Child and the Defense of their Rights, seeking at every moment to be the Voice that calls attention, pressures, acts and carries out actions that help more Children live with joy the time of being Children.

A group of people from different professional areas – doctors, judges, teachers, psychologists, social service technicians, educators – gave life to a new Project of hope for a better world for our Children. With technical knowledge and love, we will continue to implement the utopia of serving the CHILD.


Fact Sheet No. 64