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The Instituto de Apoio in Criança was founded in 1983 with the fundamental objective of the full development of children and the defense of their rights. We constantly seek to be the voice that attracts attention, to lobby, to act, to carry out actions that help more children to live with joy the time of childhood.

A group of people from different professional sectors – doctors, magistrates, teachers, psychologists, social service professionals, educators – have given life to a new project that offers a glimpse of a better world for our children.

The Instituto de Apoio in Criança seeks to sensitize public and private entities to concerted action in favor of children. To this end, it is developing a set of actions that cover, among other things, recreational activities, street work with children at risk and in marginal situations and telephone services. In accordance with its Statutes, it develops multiple activities and programs aimed, in addition to giving children a voice and obtaining new answers to childhood problems, to defend their rights before the family, institutions and the community; to carry out information and awareness programs, to support and collaborate in innovative experiments and surveys aimed at the overall development of children and young people as well as their interaction with the environment. We also ensure the promotion of studies, seminars, symposia, training actions and other initiatives that allow debate and reflection on the problems of childhood in today’s society.

In order to contribute to the construction of a less painful future for our children, the IAC, today, keeps the same course, and wants to do more and better. We seek to encourage, support and disseminate the work of all those who are concerned with the search for new answers to the problems of childhood in Portugal. With technical knowledge and love, we will continue to pursue the ambition of serving THE CHILDREN.

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To contribute to the integral development of the child as a subject of rights in the areas of Health, Education and Social Welfare.

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Toy Libraries Activity

Contribute to a happy childhood for all children, promoting the right to play, guaranteed in article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, as a determining factor for the personal and social development of the child.

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SOS Criança

Give voice to the child, youth and family, guaranteeing them the right to speak, support and protection.

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