Project: Escolas de (e a) Brincar (Playing Schools)

Project: Escolas de (e a) brincar (Playing Schools)


Characterization and ameliorement of Outdoor and Indoor Playing Spaces in 11 Lisbon schools.

Area of Intervention


Target Group

Directors of school clusters, specialists in education, children and their families

General Objectives

Scope (National or International)


Identification of External Partnerships

Communication between intervening services and overlapping areas


Implementation Period

From September 2019 onwards

Main Results


The Child Support Institute was founded in 1983 with the fundamental objective of the integral development of Child and the Defense of their Rights, seeking at every moment to be the Voice that calls attention, pressures, acts and carries out actions that help more Children live with joy the time of being Children.

Um grupo de pessoas de diferentes áreas profissionais – médicos, magistrados, professores, psicólogos, técnicos de serviço social, educadores – deu vida a um Projeto novo de esperança de um mundo melhor, para as nossas Crianças.

With the goal of contributing to the construction of a less painful future for our children, IAC, today, continues on the path, and wants to do more and better, wants to go further and seek to encourage, support and disseminate the work of all those who are concerned with the search for new answers to the problems of childhood in Portugal. One way to do this is with the Project: Escolas de (e a) brincar (Playing Schools) With technical knowledge and love, we will continue to implement the utopia of serving the CHILD.

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