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By supporting our intervention, you contribute to ensuring the promotion of Children’s Rights through actions that aim to:

Build a healthy and positive life project with children at risk and in danger.
Empower families, strengthen their parental skills in order to protect the child.
Train professionals from the Third Sector, health, justice and education for an intervention that promotes the conditions necessary for the development of the child.
Provide free psychological, social and legal support to at-risk children and their families.

Advocacy  for children’s rights with decision-making institutions.

Available Donation Methods

Paypal Transfers

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You can also donate via:

  • Bank transfer to IBAN PT50 0035 0127 0005880 6630 88;
For more information, contact:

Write us an e-mail.

+351 213 617 880

Contact us by phone.


Become a company promoting children’s rights and help the IAC invest in the future of children!

By supporting the IAC, your company expresses its commitment to this cause that concerns us all: the Rights of the Child. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of many children and give them the opportunity to build a more prosperous life project.

The donations granted to the IAC (in cash or in services rendered) fall under articles 62 and 63 of the law on tax advantages and are considered as expenses or losses of exercise for an amount corresponding to 140% because they are intended to fund child support.

For more information, contact:

Write us an e-mail.

+351 213 617 880

Contact us by phone.

Other Ways to Support Us


Donate to the IAC via our Facebook page or by organizing a fundraiser on behalf of the IAC, for example on your birthday.

File Your IRS Tax

Join us and also invest in the future of hundreds of people, by completing your IRS and donating 0.5% to the IAC at no additional cost.

Simply select: MODEL 3 > TABLE 11 > FIELD 1101 > NIF 501 377 662.

Solidarity Purchase

Visit our page on solidarity purchasing and discover the IAC solidarity products available.


Visit our page on eSolidar and discover the IAC solidarity products and solidarity auctions we promote.

MEOS Program

Exchange 200 or 400 solidarity’s MEO points for, respectively, a donation of 5 euros or 12 euros to the IAC.

Promote a Solidarity Initiative in Favor of the IAC

Organize a charity fundraising event for the IAC with your friends, family or community: a game/tournament, a dinner, a themed paper chase, a bake sale or second-hand items, etc.

Take part in a sporting challenge for the Rights of the Child: a running or trail running event, a cycling event, a tennis or paddle tournament, a surfing tournament, etc. Mobilize your network of family and friends to sponsor your participation in favor of children’s Rights.

Testamentary Bequest

The IAC can receive an inheritance (a well-defined inheritance left by will).

To leave a testamentary bequest to the IAC, you must go to a notary and indicate when writing your will, the name of our institution (Instituto de Apoio à Criança), the address (Av. da República, nº 21, in Lisbon) and what you wish to bequeath (real estate, works of art, financial or other investments).

Payment of Court-Ordered Injunctions

If you have committed a minor offence, for example driving a vehicle without a driving licence, the Code of Criminal Procedure provides that in certain situations, the public prosecutor may decide, with the agreement of the investigating judge and the parties, to suspend the process through the imposition of injunctions and rules of conduct on the accused, namely, the payment of a certain amount to be handed over to a social solidarity institution, as is the case of the IAC (art. 281, n° 2, paragraph c of the Code of Criminal Procedure).

For the IAC to benefit from the sum imposed, the person who committed the offense must declare to the court that he complies with the aforementioned injunction and must indicate the name of the IAC as the beneficiary of the said sum.

Write us an e-mail.

+351 213 617 880

Contact us by phone.