Project: Rede Juvenil Crescer Juntos


This Rede Juvenil (Youth Network) is composed of children and young people from the partner institutions of the Construir Juntos (RCJ) Network from socially and economically vulnerable contexts, with multiple problems and disadvantages in access to opportunities and the exercise of citizenship.

Throughout the year, the project is implemented whose theme is chosen annually by the children themselves, developing activities in a perspective of empowerment, with a view to acquiring personal, social and citizenship skills.

According to the chosen theme it is at the discretion of each RCJ Pole/Institution, which integrate the project, to choose the approach perspective, more specific objectives and activities that best suit the age group, the characteristics and needs and expectations of the target group.

Note: In this school year, 2019/2020, the Youth Network Project under the theme “Environment /Healthy Life” had the support of the Auchan Foundation.

Throughout the year, the Project develops at different times:

1st stage: Until the end of November

Meeting with children/young people in the institutions of each nucleus:

  • Presentation of the dynamics and objectives of the Crescer Juntos for new members;
  • Presentation, awareness-raising and reflection on the theme to be addressed throughout the year;
  • Planning of activities.

2nd stage: Until the end of June (the number of meetings and activities is at the discretion of each nucleus)

Promotion of activities on the theme, in the institutions of each nucleus:
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences, workshops, recreational, sports and educational activities;
  • Production of posters, films, Powerpoints, photos, music and/or other materials;
  • Participation in Competitions;
  • Intergenerational and/or other volunteering actions;
  • Other activities.

3rd stage:

National Children/Youth Exchange – usually for 3 days in July, in one of the RCJ Nuclei involved in the project.

Participants – children/youth, aged 10 to 18, accompanied by specialists from the institutions/entities involved in the project.

General programme:

  • Presentation of the work carried out by children and young people throughout the year;
  • Reflection, analysis and conclusions;
  • Participation in different activities according to a more specific programme;
  • Presentation/discussion and choice of theme and activities proposal, by children and youth, to be developed in the following school year.

4th stage:

The annual project normally culminates in the RCJ Annual Seminar which addresses relevant and current topics in the area of childhood and youth and which preoccupy technicians, teachers and educators, with the participation of a group of children/youth representatives present at the Annual Exchange and sharing the conclusions of the Youth Network Project, developed in the year in question.

Area of Intervention

Education, Social and Health

Target Group

Children and young people between the ages of 10 and 18, guided/accompanied by the technicians of the institutions, members of the Rede Construir Juntos (Build Together Network).

General Objectives

Scope (National or International)


Identification of External Partnerships

Partner institutions of Rede Construir Juntos which adhere to the project.

Communication between intervening services and overlapping areas

Area of National and International Cooperation; IAC- Street Project

Implementation Period

Annual (school year)

Main Results

N / A