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Pain in Children: Hosting Children and Young People in Health Centers

This publication was born in the Humanization sector of the IAC’s Child Care Services. Its aims are to characterize human resources as well as to identify and characterize the reception/care conditions that support the care of young people in Health Centers. It studies the attitudes and behaviour of professionals confronted with pain in children and the specific procedures of primary health care. Click to read.

Children and Health Services: Humanizing Care. Minutes from the Meeting

Children and Health Services: Humanizing Care: Minutes from the Meeting

Publication of the Minutes from the Meeting with the same title organized by the IAC at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in January 1996. More than 3 dozen contributions aided a diagnosis of the situation on Humanization in the field of child and young people care in Portuguese health services. It also contributed to dissemination of the European Charter for Children in Hospitals.

Children and Young People’s Reception and Stay in Hospital

This guide was created in the Humanization sector of the IAC’s Child Care Services and was financed by the GlaxoSmithkline Foundation for Health Sciences. Its aim is to provide information on the national reality and facilitate reflection and identification of the necessary changes, both in terms of behaviour and professional practices. The 335 pages of this book are divided into three chapters. In the first chapter, 37 professionals express their opinion on various aspects of reception in hospitals; the second chapter includes the study “Children’s Reception and Stay in Health Services”; the third one contains 104 cards featuring Portuguese hospitals, of which 91 receive and host children. Click to read.