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Challenges of adopted children : what is expected?

“Adoption means providing a family to children who cannot be raised in the families into which they were born i. e. in their families of origin” (Salvaterra, 2011, p. 15). The integration of a child born in another family and at an older age can mean that the adoptive parents do not have full knowledge…

Desafios das crianças adotadas : o que é esperado?

A brochura “Desafios das Crianças Adotadas – O que é esperado?” foi desenvolvida no âmbito do projeto europeu “Academia para a Parentalidade Consciente – Famílias de Acolhimento precisam-se!”, pela equipa do Conhecimento e Formação e com ilustrações de Nelson Martins. Esta brochura, dirigida às famílias adotivas, procura retratar o processo de integração de uma criança…

Challenges of Children in Foster Care: What to Expect From the Unexpected?

I arrived at my foster family’s house! This booklet describes what I would like my foster family to know about me, so that they understand and know how to deal with my behaviour and reactions, which will help me feel well integrated. If you have any doubts, you can count on the team that accompanies me and oversees my foster care process. Clique para visualizar.

Desafios das Crianças em Acolhimento Familiar: O que Esperar do Inesperado?

Cheguei a casa da minha família de acolhimento! O que gostava que a minha família de acolhimento soubesse
sobre mim, para que compreenda e saiba lidar com os meus comportamentos e reações de modo a que eu me sinta bem
integrado, está descrito neste livrinho. Se tiverem dúvidas, podem contar com a equipa que me acompanha e que está encarregue do meu processo de acolhimento familiar Clique para visualizar.

Zebedeu: A Prince in the Hospital

This book was born from the voluntary collaboration of the writer Rosário Alçada Araújo and the illustrator Carla Nazareth and fulfils the desire that we have always had, in line with the rights recognized in the Hospitalized Child Charter, to publish material suitable for children, which will make them aware of their status as a subject of rights. The Hospitalized Child Charter thus gains new life, at the hands of the authors, who manage to transform it into the story of a prince who one day fell ill and was hospitalized… And, “if a prince deserves all the love and attention, a prince who is sick deserves much more!” Click to read.

Alerta Premika! : A risky online game: what now, Tiago?

This book is presented as a playful-pedagogical tool for children between 8 and 11 years old in the context of Internet safety. It is based on the narratives collected in the field, by the researcher and co-author Teresa Castro, and which gave substance to this collection written by three hands with Cláudia Manata and Raquel Palermo. In order to translate research into a useful product for society, this collection is particularly aimed at children, their families and teachers and educators. Stories are built step by step, based on choices that lead to different outcomes. Throughout the narrative, the reader is faced with several choices and each choice (which has the number of the page to which the reader must “jump”) leads to different ends (results of decisions), awakening in the reader the desire to start over, choosing the other way. It is intended to give the reader the opportunity to reflect on their choices, participating in the narrative. This methodology, in addition to being dynamic and reflective, intends to involve generations in conducting the plot, inviting adults and children to establish dialogue about the risks and opportunities of the Internet. Click to buy